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Reflecting and Looking Ahead to 2024

As we wrap up 2023, we’d love to take a moment to reflect on what we’ve been up to and what we’re looking forward to as we head toward the new year.

This past November, students learned about filmmaking and lighting during our workshop with Morgan Cooper. Cooper, the creative force behind BEL-AIR, gave students hands-on opportunities to learn a tangible skill while sharing the lessons he’s learned throughout his career.  It was such an incredible experience for both students and the Bodecker team to learn from a professional who cares deeply about the next generation of storytellers.


In early December, students toured the Africa Fashion Exhibit at the Portland Art Museum with fashion designer and filmmaker Fuchsia Lin. What an incredible collection of work! Led by Fuchsia’s insight, we sketched and ideated both individually and as a group. Then we headed back to the Bodecker Makerspace to design our very own pieces!  Some students were able to complete wearable fashions in just a few hours. Thanks to Fuchsia for sharing her expertise with us and the students!

Additionally, our 2023 Bodecker Cohorts are going strong. Student in Words, Visuals, and Sounds are working collaboratively to grow in their crafts. In Words, students are honing their creative writing skills; in Visuals, students work on fine art; in Sounds, students learn all about audio engineering. The cohorts meet one time a month in person and one time a month virtually to learn from each other and practice. Even beyond developing skills, the Cohorts are a reminder of the power of community. We hope that students are creating life long friendships and memories while feeling empowered to pursue art.


We leap into 2024 with a workshop on Non-traditional Portraiture with West-based photographer Christopher Dibble. If you’re a 14-18-year-old interested in photography, apply for this one-day workshop on Saturday, January 13th at Bodecker Foundation.  There are only six spots available, so be sure to upload a sample of your best work! This workshop is best suited for students who feel comfortable both behind and in front of the camera as we will be taking photos and serving as “models” for peers.

On Saturday, February 3rd, we welcome abstract visual artist Jessica Poundstone. Her workshop, “Fresh Eyes: Generating Ideas and Exploring Abstract Art,” is for students who are interested in discovering new ways of seeing. Apply today for this art-centric workshop!

In Spring and Summer, you can look forward to drawing for tattoo, songwriting, cartooning, video production, and more!

We can’t say it enough: thank you for your continuous support of the Bodecker Foundation as we spark young people to realize their creative power. Please share these opportunities with the art-inclined teens in your life! We wish you peace and rest this season.